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  • LOCATION 79 Metro Atlanta Locations
  • CLIENT BDR Partners

In 2020 we began work on a complete rebranding project for Wellstar Health System. The rebranding involved new standard colors, iconography, typefaces, and logos on everything from business cards, computer splash screens, their website, and complete signage replacements at all their locations. These locations include major hospitals, outpatient health parks, even strip-mall urgent care centers, as well as system-wide infrastructure locations such as the corporate headquarters, distribution hubs, and laundry facilities.

Rebranding Scope…

Our part in the rebranding project included thousands of signs at 79 locations. We produced all new signs where none previously existed, replaced existing signs and sign faces where they did exist, and in a few cases removed signs that were no longer needed. The project included huge lighted monuments and building signs, window vinyl at entry points, tiny office ID plaques, and everything in between.

We were hired by BDR Partners, who served as project manager on the signage rebranding for Wellstar. Because the project was so large, Wellstar broke it into four phases, and BDR divided the work between two sign vendors, 41 South Creative and us. Throughout the project we naturally worked closely with BDR, who managed priorities for both us and 41 South.

From Concept…

Caruso + Drye Design Group created the conceptual rebranding package based on input from Wellstar Marketing. Their work was exceptional, as always, but they could not anticipate every unique sign in every location. In some strip-mall locations, the designs had to be adapted to the landlord’s sign criteria, for example. Some ran afoul of restrictive local sign ordinances. In some cases, based on our site surveys, we had to modify designs to fit site-specific considerations such as visibility, existing structures, power availability, etc.

In each of these situations, we worked with Caruso + Drye and Wellstar Marketing to ensure that best-case solutions were implemented.

Rebranding Concept Drawing
Rebranding Shop Drawing

To Shop Drawing…

Based on these final designs, we produced mechanical shop drawings that added our nuts-and-bolts expertise to the concepts developed by the creatives. Those drawings went through another round of approvals and revisions with Caruso + Drye and Wellstar. Once finalized, we had the drawings reviewed and stamped by a structural engineer where needed, and finally secured permits from all the various zoning jurisdictions. Only when all these processes were complete were we finally able to begin manufacturing.

Throughout the rebranding project we worked closely with 41 South to coordinate materials and methods. Therefore, every Wellstar location, regardless of which of us produced the signs, has a consistent appearance. We also ensured that when repairs and maintenance eventually become necessary, the same products will match at every location.

To Implementation…

It is worth noting that while we received the original concept drawings all at once, each sign went through its own revision and approval process separately. Wellstar added, modified, or removed signs continually throughout the project. We tracked every sign individually as it was revised and approved by BDR, Wellstar, Caruso + Drye, the structural engineer, the permit offices, and as it worked its way through our internal manufacturing, quality control, and installation departments, to show up at the precise right location, complete, correct, and on time.

We produced excellent signs for Wellstar, as did 41 South. However, it was our project management capabilities that allowed us to track thousands of signs simultaneously, from design through installation. That relentless project management was our greatest contribution to the success of their rebranding project.