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  • LOCATION Atlanta, Georgia
  • CLIENT J.M. Wilkerson
  • CHALLENGE Projecting a 2D message into a 3D space.

The Old Sears Service Building is an outbuilding on the Ponce City Market property at the corner of Glen Iris Drive and North Avenue. Its renovation, as a part of the overall Ponce development, was performed by general contractor J. M. Wilkerson. One of the more interesting features of the renovation is the perspective-fin window screen along 430 plus feet of the North and East elevations of the building. Because of the special challenges this design entailed J. M. Wilkerson selected us to build and install this work.

We created a 3D model of the elevation with the graphics and projected the lettering onto these virtual fins to create the appropriate letter shapes. These electronic files were turned into paint mask using our CAM equipment, and these computer-cut masks were then hand applied and finished in our paint department.

The final product is a dynamic message that responds to visitors position and movement. It is a striking, passively interactive, feature that uses clever design, rather than electronics or moving parts, to drive its impact.