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  • LOCATION Atlanta, Georgia
  • CLIENT Georgia Bridge & Concrete and SD&C Inc. a Joint Venture
  • CHALLENGE Complex 3D modeling and fabrication.

Like other arenas, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium is surrounded by city surface streets already crowded with vehicular and pedestrian traffic. To help ease the congestion between the stadium and its nearest transit station, an elevated pedestrian bridge will be built over one of Atlanta’s busier streets. The space available for this bridge is relatively small, and the road clearance required relatively high. Rather than build a short bridge with steep inclines, or escalators that would act as bottlenecks, the designer opted for 260’ of long looping ramps of gradual slope. In keeping with the modern open design of the stadium itself, the bridge will be clad in angular panels of perforated metal, supported by a crisscrossing network of framing bars and a series of fabricated metal arches.