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  • LOCATION Miami Beach, Florida
  • CLIENT John Moriarty & Associates
87 Park Aerial, Building, Grounds & Biscayne Bay

The Eighty Seven Park Tower is brilliantly situated. Because it is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the east, almost 28 acres of public park to the south, and surrounded by the vibrant Miami Beach neighborhood, these eighteen stories of luxury condominiums provide their residents with an unparalleled living experience. Designed by renowned Genoese architect Renzo Piano, the property is distinctly modern with bright, open living spaces that blur the line between indoors and outdoors. John Moriarty & Associates were contracted to build the tower. Having worked with us on Brickell City Center, they knew we’d be an excellent choice to fabricate and install the façades and other metal design elements that contribute to the building’s unique character.

Each floor is completely ringed by glass-fronted balconies that contribute to the open-air ambiance of the residences. We fabricated ribbed trim to clad the curved slopping accents below each balcony that add to the design’s bold modern aesthetic. Like all of our work on site, this trim has a Kynar finish to resist the salt air. On the roof we engineered the cantilevered metal canopies that shade the poolside patios. These canopies push the limits of the material to provide the maximum possible area of coverage with the absolute minimum of visible support.

Eighty Seven Park • Where Park Meets the Ocean

On the grounds we built the shady poolside cabanas as well as the canopy shielding the Fugo Bar nestled in the private park space. Around the grounds we added bespoke lighted bollards along walkways, and installed lights on the canopies and cabanas. All the outdoor lighting on the site is designed to emit a special, dim, amber spectrum. This lighting is more than bright enough to find your way around at night, and casts a beautiful warm glow around the pool, bar and park areas, but its color and brightness will not disrupt sea turtle nesting behavior. In addition to these decorative features, our scope included many purely functional items. We provide poles for mounting door actuators and alarm-system components, rooftop catwalks, as well as louvers and screens for air handlers and other required vents.

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Henry was proactive acted as an integral team member in meetings with the architect and design team during preconstruction as well as during a detailed value engineering effort after project award; helping to bring the design intent to reality. Henry has reacted to the demands of the project and is meeting accelerated detailing and fabrication schedules on a unique and complex project.
The high quality of the work and coordination is reflected in the finished products. Henry’s ability to adjust to the logistics and sequencing of the work on a tight project, often requiring complex sequencing and atypical conditions is a key factor in delivering the project.
This is Moriarty’s second project with Henry Incorporated and we would not hesitate to recommend Henry Incorporated for similar work or future projects.

— Robert Nordling, Project Executive
John Moriarty & Associates of Florida

It was truly a privilege to be able to contribute to this magnificent property by one of the world’s foremost architectural geniuses. His design really gave us the opportunity to stretch ourselves, and to deliver unique solutions to the challenges it presented.