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  • LOCATION Decatur, Georgia
  • CLIENT PBS&J International
  • CHALLENGE Create a 360° lighting solution, at a specific luminosity, in a confined space.

We had two conflicting challenges to overcome in lighting these towers. First the internal structure, though required, leaves very little room for evenly illuminating all four sides. Secondly the owner required photometric testing that ensured the towers would not be bright enough to disturb the neighboring residents. We developed a slim, custom lighting assembly using low voltage LED and specialty light enhancing materials. The result provides the even, low-maintenance light the architect was looking for, is not too bright for adjoining resident, while still providing enough structure to satisfy engineering requirements. All this unique structure and technology is wrapped in translucent acrylic and a glittering, swirl-brushed, aluminum skin.

This public space is capped at one end by a huge gazebo and is now flanked and subtly illuminated by our ten glowing Art Nouveau Light Towers.