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  • LOCATION Atlanta, Georgia
  • CLIENT Daktronics
  • CHALLENGE Install sign, video board, and footing in an almost impossibly small space.

The primary identification pylon at Cobb Energy Centre is 65 feet tall, 60 wide, and features a 40-foot by 25-foot, full-color video board. Naturally, any structure of this size, especially one composed of curved and angled faces, presents certain challenges, but the major difficulties had to do with site conditions. Because the structure has most of its weight cantilevered off one side, it puts tremendous torque on its base even when the wind is not blowing. As a result, the foundation required was substantial. Unfortunately the sign is so close to the parking garage, or more importantly the garage’s foundation, that a typical pier footing simply would not fit in the available space. There was scarcely room to dig at all without compromising the structure of the building.  Additionally, we couldn’t simply move away from the building because the sign is closed in on the other sides by required driveways. To confront this we engineered several potential footing designs before arriving at a solution that allowed us to drop the sign and foundation neatly between the building and the existing curbs. We exceeded the required structural targets, without disturbing any of the existing work, adding another landmark structure to the Metro-Atlanta cityscape.

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I wanted to take a moment to let everyone at Henry Incorporated know that I really enjoyed working with you on the Cobb Energy project. The Daktronics high-definition video board, in combination with the massive structure of this sculptural sign is a stunning statement at one of the largest interstate intersections in the country. I was most impressed with the creativity and detail that your design team and engineering staff provided, and your fabrication and installation teams are second to none.

—Tom Minier, Project Manager